Case Study


Client: Deborah Krikun, Orphans International WorldWide

Project Title: Hyper-Realism

Duration:January-february 2014

Team: Luis Acevedo

Description: The Objective on this project was to make these kids look as if they are surrounded by danger and there is so much chaos. The way the see the city or anywhere big when they are all alone is as if they were living in the jungle. These kids have no parents and have no one to help them they can suffer from a disease or from hunger. The lion in the middle represents the fear of the world they live in and no matter what they do they will have that fear of being alone with no one to care for them. I made the building look as if it were the jungle the building are the trees that anyone can get lost and never be found. If you walk deep into the forest then you will certainly get lost.

Research: I got a lot of my pictures from google. Some were very hard to find because I was trying to look for  a specific picture and can not simply find them. A lot were just taking pictures I can find and fit it in the picture somehow and make it look as if they were there.

Strategy: To make my picture realistic I used a lot of the modes and Opacity for the trees to blend it in with the building. The kids were the hard part. I had to use the color mixture and lower their tone of bright to a bit of dark to kinda look as if they were there and even so they popped out  a bit more so then I used the brush tool to create a shadow from where the light would cast. and thus finally be able to blend the kids in.

Challenge: My biggest challenge was to be able to think of this concept and to figure out what pictures I could use to be able to create this terrifying world these orphans live in. I had to be look at different and look for a more isolated picture that kids would normally feel the need to hide their and so no one can hurt them or bother them. after i chose the background the kids were the next hardest. there are so many kids out there but their positioning was the hard part.

Result: At the end, This is how my Hyper-Realism came out to be like. I would say I’m very proud of what i created and I’m happy with the way things turned out.



Client: Deborah Krikun, Orphans International WorldWide

Project Title: Cubism

Duration: March-April 2014

Team: Luis Acevedo

Description: In this project I had to work with shapes and I did not quite get the concept. It took me a while to try to figure out how to create a normal picture into a cubism piece. Here I have showing the disaster of what orphans face and how they wish they could be safe. I added a lot of shapes and meaning into this project and at the end it turned out amazing!

Research: I looked for pictures on google and tried looking for possible things orphans would have to face whether it be from simply a flood to a huge wild fire. I picked a lot of pictures and tried to see which would work best with the other pictures and hope for the best result. After searching a lot and looking i find these pictures that worked great with the color and helped make everything stand out.

Strategy: At first I made  a different concept than this and it turned out that I did not like the way things were going and I thought I was running out of time. So I had to think of something different fast. I came up with this result and i had to apply different shapes that I got from the idea of picasso’s painting. At the end i used different modes, opacity, and different picture to create this.


Challenge: The biggest challenge was thinking of ways to create this. I never would have thought I could create a cubism piece and It took me so long to come up with this concept. And getting things to look cubist.

Result: At the end the result was good I am happy with what came out. I like the colors and how the important things pop out more.



Client: Deborah Krikun, Orphans International WorldWide

Project Title: Hyper-Realism

Duration: May 2014

Team: Luis Acevedo

Description: The objective was to put a lot of pictures of orphans and be able to create this collage of a person walking alone and orphans who has are depressed and are alone with no one around and the world is ignores them.

Research: This did not take long I just gathered past pictures I used and was able to get some new ones and create this collage of these lonely kids And Apply them to my concept.

Strategy: My way of doing this was to be able to bring the person in the middle and be able to look at her walk alone while there are other pictures of kids that could be doing the same. I want the viewer to catch that no one is ever around and they feel as if they will always be alone no matter where they walk and no matter how long they walk.

Challenge: The only challenge I had was figuring out how the picture would speak out. should I add more pictures or should I have less? should I create something else or keep it plain.

Result: At the end I was able to make the picture say what it needed to say with little but speaks loud.

collage 3


Orphans International WorldWide

This organization was my inspiration of making these projects and for what they do it inspires me to be able to care for people even more and no matter what age you are you should always help someone in need. even if it begins with  a “hello”.

Mission: To take care of any orphans whether they came from growing up in the streets to being abandoned. They’re job is to make sure they get the education they need and the treatments they should get.

Location: OIWW have different location and take part in 3 major countries such as Asia, (Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka) Africa, (Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Tanzania) and Colombia, (the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Haiti)

OIWW-Logo15      imagesCAFU3HDW


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